Capitalism: A Love Story

I am not a big fan of Moore's work having had enough of his style after seeing "Roger And Me" twenty years ago. But I knew I would have to talk about the movie given my take on capitalism so as I learned as a Boy Scout in Troop One I wanted to be prepared. Read Article

Investor Know Thyself

Before you make any decisions on where to investment your nest egg ask yourself are you prepared to take on greater risk for potential greater reward. Read Article

Investing In Thanks For Dads

Fathers are the economic engines of our capitalist democracy and on this day they deserve our thanks, respect, and gratitude. Read Article

Lifting The Risk Bar

I have said many times that the only senior who should be invested in stocks is Warren Buffet. Read Article

Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate

I recently had to face a hard dilemma that involved my 6 year old daughter Madeline. Read Article

Tax Free Savings Account Too Good To Pass Up

I know its hard to believe but the Tax Free Savings Accounts that came into being in January are not too good to be true they are too good to be missed! Read Article


American Railcar Industries Inc. grappling with a steep decline

December 10 2014 – Read ArticleAdd a comment

If ARII doesn't hold the thin ledge of support at $50.00 it may have to retest support at $45.00.

Latest Research

AirBoss of America Corp pulling back from a 52-week high

Jan 30 2015 – Read ArticleAdd a comment

The next flex point for the shares will come in mid March when the company releases its quarterly results.

Reader Response

    Re: Canexus Corporation in the grips of a punishing decline

    by Justin Barracosa - January 30, 2015 - Read - Reply

    Firstly, pease do allow me to thank you kindly for your detailed and informative response, it is much appreciated. A couple points I wanted to touch on. Regarding NATO and your closing statement. You alluded to our uncertain times presenting a potential environment wherein “great deals might often be ignored.” While...

    Re: Tax Free Savings Account Too Good To Pass Up

    by Mike Catling - January 22, 2015 - Read - Reply

    For the past two years it has increased to $5500 a year. You can make up for past years if no contributions were made. There are some withdrawal, trading and repayment rules every TFSA owner should know.

    Should RIM have rolled over for the Saudis?

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Government Spending

Research In Motion playing catch up

Aug 9, 2010 – Read Article

Keep your powder dry and remember the best time to buy a stock is when it has established an uptrend. Anticipating a bottom could see you finding new lows with your money.


Chartwell Retirement Residences could pullback but there no indications of a trend reversal

Jan 27, 2015 – Read Article

The next quarterly report is scheduled for late February which might provide the push needed to propel the shares higher.

Financial Services

First National Financial Corporation setting up a trade ahead of Q2 results

Jul 23, 2014 – Read Article

With the symmetrical triangle in play and a dividend yield of 6.47% FN offers a reasonable opportunity for a profitable trade.


Student Transportation Inc. may have to wait for the next bus

May 9, 2011 – Read Article

I am not sure that now is the best time to be buying STB. The company is set to report its Q3 results on May 11, 2011 which is an event that can cut both ways.

Investment Strategies

HudBay has more downside potential

May 12, 2010 – Read Article

I agree with you that HBM has potential as a short but make sure to take some target practice before you strap on the six gun and head out to the gun fight.


Shaw Communications Inc. a hold

Jan 23, 2015 – Read Article

The MACD and the RSI look to be turning higher although they are not currently generating a definitive buy signal.


Flow Through Shares

May 6, 2009 – Read Article

After the RRSP, flow through shares are the last bastion of tax avoidance in Canada. They are part of the tax code and as long as the company issuing them is in compliance with the statutes you will not have to fight a rear guard action with CCRA.


Boardwalk REIT in a tight trading range

Jan 21, 2013 – Read Article

At this point I don't anticipate a lot of selling pressure that would kickstart a correction.

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