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Fathers are the economic engines of our capitalist democracy and on this day they deserve our thanks, respect, and gratitude.

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Hello My Friends,

How can you tell which men are fathers?

Generally, as they are the workhorses of the economy, a good rule of thumb is, if they have harness marks on their shoulders from pulling a heavy load over a long distance with some rough patches along the way and for a very long period of time that have earned the esteemed title of Dad.

Fathers are the economic engines of our capitalist democracy and on this day they deserve our thanks, respect, and gratitude for having divested themselves of most of their personal desires and invested their time and resources into their families and communities.

Father’s Day is the holiday that celebrates accountable men who might appear old to their children but are, in fact generally young men who have willingly accepted tremendous social and economic responsibilities.dad4

Through their selflessness fathers help their children develop so they can participate as contributing members of society. They also give generously outside the home. Some of the bounty we enjoy in our communities can be directly attributed to the efforts of fathers working in concert.

They volunteer and donate money to make sure that there are healthy sports leagues, community associations, historical societies, PT A’s, and other activities that help children learn the necessary basics of discipline, team work, self respect and community spirit.

Fathers make extremely long term investments in their children.dad3

The regular expenses related to providing a child shelter, food, clothing, education, supervision, transportation, and entertainment, to age 18 is significant to say the least.

When the fees for post-secondary education and the opportunity cost of raising a child are taken into account, the final tab is in the range of $600,000 per child. No wonder fathers often refer to their children as priceless treasures.

The relationship between fathers and the economy is best described as the relationship between the keeper of the magic wallet, that never seems to be run out of cash, and the suppliers who want to satisfy the needs of his family.

Imagine the reduced cash flow to piano teachers, skating coaches, driving schools, George Lucas, and Tim Hortons without the regular sponsorships of Dads.

Given the tremendous investment fathers make in their children and communities, it begs the question what do they expect in return?

Not much really.dad5

A little peace and quiet every once in a while, an occasional round of golf with some pals, children who grow up to be people that they like, communities that are safe and clean to live in, an enthusiastic and vigorous relationship with their spouse. And generally less headaches.

To all the fathers who make this world a better place to live keep up the good work and enjoy every second of your special day, it only comes once a year and is always too short!

Happy Capitalism!

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