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Hello My Friends, I had a real hoot with all of the comments that followed my blog on negotiating my way out of acquiring a dog for my daughter Madeline (original article here). Here are some starting with my Mother. Loved the story about the pet.  I guess I was too warm hearted when faced […]

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Hello My Friends,

I had a real hoot with all of the comments that followed my blog on negotiating my way out of acquiring a dog for my daughter Madeline (original article here).

kangaroo-ratHere are some starting with my Mother.

Loved the story about the pet.  I guess I was too warm hearted when faced with promises like: “We’ll take care of the dog. We’ll walk it, clean it etc,etc etc.” In real life, I ended up fulfilling all those promises! And more than once… The dogs were in addition to quite a few gerbils who ended drowned in the toilet or attacked by the dog. Let’s not forget the kangaroo mouse that jumped out of glass fish tank and right into the toilet!!!



Here is a sampling of others:

Duchess Expenses:

Food $30 mth $ 360 year
Insurance $50 $ 600
Vet +/- $ 700 (Annual check-up & shots)
Dog Walker* $500 $6,000

Total: $7,660 per annum

If both parents are working full time and child is not old enough to walk the dog without supervision, a dog walker is an absolute must! I walk the dog for an hour every morning and my dog walker takes Duchess for an hour later in the day. A tired dog is a good dog.

This summary doesn’t include puppy school, and other training I did with the dog when she was younger (Duchess is about to turn 11) – can’t exactly remember but let’s estimate $500. Nor does it include the cost of the dog at $400.

So, in short, good negotiating on your part with Madeline!


Many thanks Lou,

That’s an absolute classic.

Someday I’ll tell you about our experiences with our three boys and mammals of assorted sizes. The two consecutive pay raises wiped out for emergency surgery on our dog (“But Dad, you can’t let Rusty die!!”).within the first two weeks of a new contract do come to mind. For $1G, you came out waaaaay ahead!

Stay well,

Hi Lou:

Thanks for the interesting story. I am quite the dog person, but I completely understand your position. Dogs are lots of work, and can be lots of money. My own dog, a lovely mutt just over a year old, swallowed a ball at the dog park, and that ball wasn’t going to exit from her on its own. $1,700.00 and a couple of days later the vet delivered one hell of an expensive ball. That new truck I wanted isn’t happening as chunk of change was allocated towards a down payment!

But on a good note, at least when I do get that new truck, my buddy will be beside me.

Have a good one and keep up the great work.


Lou, Thanks for the heads-up. I was looking for a low cost/healthy source of protein meal. Now with Adam and Eve in my back yard eating the grass (don’t have to mow as much either), with some romantic music in the background; I’ll be looking forward to some nice meals later in the summer.

Bon appetit!

Excellent Lou, our guinea pig is already five and still too healthy. Last year I finally caved and we have a 14 month old Shepard/Lab. Great dog, too much work for my wife Sue. We bought her on my terms. I will walk her only twice for week and never pick up the doodoo. Sue agreed, and I like Caesar on my terms.

Take Care,


You are totally twisted ;) You could have just told her that $1000 is four month’s income for a typical Ukrainian.



Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

We’ve got two dogs (Molly came home in December from a Native Reserve), three cats, and now Lianne has ‘kitten fever’ again. I’ve firmly put my foot down.

I figure I’ll come home to a new furry face within three months.


You’re crazy man! Can’t believe that worked. Hey, wouldn’t a Nintendo Wii be a good alternative? As for the guinea pig. My friend had one himself thinking that it wouldn’t last long. He was pissed when it was still alive after 17yrs.


Great story. So when Lily asks for a puppy I’ll just send her to you. Then I’ll get off cheap!


Thanks for setting the bar !!!!!



I hope she never comes home with the idea of having a pony…..


Get the kid a dog.

So hilarious Lou. Great great story.



Dr. Phil may have something to say about that….love the story Lou. $1000…you forgot to say if that was in Canadian currency or if she beat you down into paying her in Euros.


Hey Lou — Thanks for sending the link to the blog entry. But I have to say, I side with the guinea pig! I had several of them growing up and loved them. And a few of them met their untimely ends when my dad was trying to shoo them out from under the bed and accidentally bopped them on the nose with the broom handle– so if gets too much for you to bear you can just follow suit:)



That article was so funny! I have to pass it onto my friends! I think you surely have found the makings for your next career move, as a comedian! My sister and I laughed all the way through it!


LMAO!! You are piece of work my friend!! I love it!


Hi Lou:

After reading how you negotiated the Maddie-Daddie contract I’d like to revisit my request to have you speak to a group of clients this fall. One proviso – no agents allowed under the age of 8 (just in case she’s had her next birthday by the time we next talk).



Great story but as a dog owner/lover I must disagree … Its hard to put a price tag on the unconditional love and therapeutic nature of dogs … Plus, sloppy kisses are the best


You the man Lou baby you the man. You obviously believe in the same concepts as me. If you throw money at a problem the solution is usually quicker to arrive and secondly, spend the money now and save multiples of it later.


That has to be the smartest thing I heard in a long time.

I do understand because I’m not a pet person, but it seems that everyone else is.

Thanks, hope everything works out.


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