Keyera Corp. a solid candidate for investors seeking growth and income

Oct 12th, 2011 – 1 Comment

This chart is what I would call a real oil painting! It has all the factors that you would want to see on a stock that you owned.

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Hello Lou,

I am 65 retired and I have designed my dividend portfolio for growth and income.
I have made some choices for my portfolio: 50%  KEY ,25%  PPL and 25% IPL.UN.

I like the monthly dividend and DRIP option. These three companies represent the same sector,should I add some financial companies and do you recommend any Banks.

I love your segment on AM640 Radio with John Oakley.




Hi Andrew,

Congratulations on reaching the promised land! They say retirement comes at the end of your working career because its the best part. Thanks for your support of the the John Oakley Show on AM640 it is very much appreciated!

I will examine the case for Keyera  Corp. (KEY TSX) and follow up on the other two in subsequent posts. Lets spend some time reviewing you choice of KEY.


The three year chart certainly validates your evaluative process. This chart is what I would call a real oil painting! It has all the factors that you would want to see on a stock that you owned. There is a solid uptrend line that started in March of 2009 which has been tested but not broken in thirty one months.

There is also a golden cross that formed in August of 2009 indicating that the advance had some strength behind it. Finally the stock has tested support along the 50 day moving average numerous times over the course of the uptrend.  It doesn’t get better than this  given your twin objectives of growth and income.

Does this mean that you should put your statements in a drawer and never look at them? Obviously not. You have to watch your money every day to make sure that your position continues to meet your targets.



The six month chart illustrates the sharp drop the shares experienced during the August 2011 panic selling, What is informative is that buying came in aggressively when the stock hit support at $39.00 and poured water on the fire. Currently the MACD looks to be bending to the upside suggesting that there is more in the tank.I will post on your other two choices in the coming days.


Make it a profitable day and happy capitalism!









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