The shooting in Dallas November 22, 1963

Nov 22nd, 2013 – Comment

Ff you are ever in Dallas make sure to Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum. It will give you pause to wonder what exactly happened.

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Every year on this day I recall the announcements that came over the loudspeaker in my grade one classroom at Holy Family School in Flushing New York. The principal first told us that the president had been shot and that we should all pray for his well being. Not long after the news that the John F. Kennedy had died came across and we prayed for his soul and were sent home early to be with our families. I never spent time thinking about the events of that day other than to recall that it was a great tragedy for the Kennedy family and the United States.


One of the things I try to teach students is to be observant of the evidence before them using their five senses and then add that evidence to their analysis. Here’s what I surmised on a visit to Big D.






In 1999 I was in Dallas with my high school friend Stephen Speiser and we decided to take a cab to Dealey Plaza and have a look around the site. When we arrived we discovered that the 6th Floor of the Texas Book Depository Building had been converted into a museum. When I got to the window on the 6th floor from where Oswald was said to have fired at the Kennedy motorcade I came to one conclusion. A marksman acting alone would have never have let the target travel away from his perch.

The Perch

If you examine the picture on the right you can see that the best point of attack is as the vehicle approaches the turn onto Elm Street offering the ideal opportunity for an assassin. The turn would have had the car nearly coming to a stop less than 100 feet from the perch.






The Shot


The Warren Commission indicated that all the shooting happened as the Kennedy limo moved down Elm Street as you can see in this picture. If Oswald acted alone this would have been the least advantageous point at which to begin firing. In addition he would have had to have turned very severely to the right to make the shot. Seems awkward for a right handed person.





The Sixth Floor MuseumIf you are ever in Dallas make sure to Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum. It will give you pause to wonder what exactly happened and come up with your own conclusions.


Heres to the release of the facts in 2063!






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