Art doesn’t like my voting record

May 9th, 2014 – 2 Comments

I’ll be voting for change!

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Lou Schizas is an equities analyst, investor, entrepreneur, professor and television and radio personality – and a true believer in the happiness-inspiring powers of capitalism.

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Today’s listener email:



I just heard you on air Lou.


haha you voted for Rob Ford and are telling others how to vote? really?
i have to take in consideration your voting record. it aint good. you don’t mind if i don’t listen to anything you say do you Lou?
also on Detroit.
capitalist greed brought down Detroit.
unregulated banking and financial systems, junk mortgages. the country almost had a financial meltdown because of 6 greedy bankers., together with rampant crime, inner city gangs and poverty.
there you go the city goes in the crapper

thanks Lou


Hey Art,


Ford is good on my issue – controlling cost – not wasting tax dollars – Grant was a drunk – he won the war for the Union – Klein was known to drink a bit – got the province of Alberta to zero net debt.







The sober  regular takers seem to drive up debt and slather on the perks – pay – and pensions for the sacred unionized public sector class – take from the many to give to the few – Detroit was destroyed by an out of control public sector – borrowing until bankruptcy was the only way out – in your evaluative process the only ones who are greedy are the capitalist – what about the unionized public sector workers taking- taking- taking – I’ll be voting for change!

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