Why a lot of your public relations budgets are wasted

May 25th, 2016 – 1 Comment

Clueless PR

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Lou Schizas is an equities analyst, investor, entrepreneur, professor and television and radio personality – and a true believer in the happiness-inspiring powers of capitalism.

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From: Faye Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 10:39 AM

To: ‘lou@happycapitalism.com‘ <lou@happycapitalism.com>

Subject: leave an inheritance of cottage relaxation –not taxation


Hi Lou – the May long weekend brings with it the longstanding tradition of opening up the family cottage for the summer season.


And while many parents envision leaving the family cottage to their children as part of their inheritance, with the value of cottages often greatly appreciating since initial purchase, there’s the risk of also bestowing the legacy of a large tax bill.


In fact, cottages and cabins are continuing to appreciate in value with some parts of the country seeing more than a 25 per cent increase in year-over-year median prices.*


——–is available to speak about the options Canadian cottage owners have to plan their cottage legacy so their kids can afford it, rather than be burdened by it. He can also outline several strategies that can help make the family cottage a multi-generational experience.


Please let me know if you’re interested in an interview.





Now for the follow up :


Hey Lou.

I’m wondering if you’ve had the chance to take a look at the pitch below about options Canadian cottage owners have to plan their cottage legacy so their kids can afford it, rather than be burdened by it. ______is available for interviews.


Please let me know if you’re interested.  I appreciate any feedback you could share.





My first response :



Hey Faye – if you ever listened to the show – you’d know I don’t do interviews – lazy PR = No coverage ever!


Third Email From Faye:

Hi Lou.  I hope you had a nice long weekend. I honestly appreciate your feedback.


We can also provide tips and advice on cottage ownership legacy if that is something you are ever looking to discuss on air or cover in your columns for the Globe & Mail.  Since your focus is on stocks and investment I assume this is not something you would typically cover; but wanted to share the information anyways since finance experts sometimes cover topics outside of their regular beat.


Best Regards,



Hey Faye – my last column for the globeinvestor.com site was in February – thanks for noticing!



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