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Lou Schizas is an equities analyst, investor, entrepreneur, professor and television and radio personality – and a true believer in the happiness-inspiring powers of capitalism.

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A listener writes:
I’ve been listening to you for well over a decade (used to watch you on ROBTV). I was a university student in 2000 when I started watching you, and would take your advice seriously (it helped you had the Greek – sounding last name and spoke plainly and with common sense).
Just wanted you to know, I’m a saver and investor, and I have made sure to weigh all my decisions against how they will impact my future (and my family’s). Sometimes, when you are being completely honest to yourself, it pays to sacrifice the present to prepare for the future. For the first decade after graduation, it was a trial for me as I watched friends live a lavish life, travelling and enjoying while I toiled. Now, at 35, I am in the top 5% simply due to saving and investing. I don’t make executive level money, but my investments allow me to do whatever I, or my wife wish (we don’t have Kardashian wants or needs).
Mr Schizas, being able to do what we want without feeling guilty is a freedom I would never want to trade away. Sacrificing in my twenties has saved me from having to make even harder sacrifices in my thirties. It was straight-talking, no BS’ing men and women like you who were a major part of that.
Thank you and may you earn all the profit without any of the stress,



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