Old Stock Certificates precious or worthless?

Oct 12th, 2016 – 3 Comments

Hope your aunt has left you a bundle!

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Dear Lou,
After reading your column for all these years, I finally have a question, sort of. My deceased Aunt left me a stock certificate of SOCANAV INC. I have the actual parchment certificate. A Google search came up empty. What do I do with it.?How can I cash it in? Is it worth anything?
Any advice would be so helpful.
Maybe your next article could be about this as we boomers start finding these buried treasures.


Hey Allan,

Thanks for your support over the years it is most appreciated. The issue of old stock certificates comes up in the case of estates where inheritors find themselves asking if they have any value. I researched SOCANAV Inc. as well and came up with this profile on Bloomberg.com


You can try the phone number and see if it is still active.


If that doesn’t work try the search firms listed in this article.



Let me know how it works out. Hope your aunt has left you a bundle!


Make it a loucrative day and happy capitalism!


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