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Lou is available to attend your corporate function to discuss a wide variety of issues facing the economy, the markets and business today, including:

  1. Lou at the ETrade Summit

    Lou at the ETrade Summit

    Seven Steps To Successful InvestingSeven Steps to Successful Investing is designed for a general audience that is looking to improve their investment knowledge and truly understand what their investor profile. The core of the presentation is to motivate the audience to commit to improving their financial literacy by taking action.
  2. Happy Capitalism: Make the System Work For You! Capitalism offers the opportunity for all members of society to build their dreams by recognizing the tremendous advantages we enjoy as citizens of a capitalist society. The core of the presentation is to motivate the audience to make the most of these advantages and overcome the challenges they find in their way.
  3. Happy Capitalism: Succeed In A Slowdown Current economic conditions are presenting challenges to most organizations. These factors are beyond the control of any business but there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the negative effects on your organization. The core of the presentation is to motivate the audience to implement at least one recommendation as soon as they get back to the office.
  4. Lou at the Financial Forum

    Lou at the Financial Forum

    Happy Capitalism: Securing The System The average citizen is more likely to become the victim of a financial crime such as identity theft and fraud than they are ever to fall victim to violent crime. Financial Crimes Investigators are in need of additional resources to better protect the public and the core of this presentation provides some insight into how to secure greater support.
  5. The Seven Things You Need To Do To Be Successful Before You Graduate Each year over 250,000 students graduate from colleges and universities in Canada. The core of the presentation is to motivate students to take seven steps towards improving their competitiveness and to maximize their investment in their education.
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