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I have sent out charts in the past showing the bulge bracket dealers’ prop trading up significantly (GS up 7x, only 6 last week though, and agency commissions way down across the board)…so all of this buying in such a huge rally, the biggest since the 30′s (remember that raging bull market?), where does it […]

Dan Hachey’s Reading List

UPDATE: Links fixed Don’t Monetize the Debt… the President of the Dallas Fed on Inflation and central bank independence…. I din’t think anyone realized the size of unfunded liabilities of health care and pensions totalled $99 trillion, conventional wisdom had it at approximately more than half that…this is a disturbing revelation. It is refreshung to be presented with the […]

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UPDATE: Links fixed A Must Read Barron’s Article: The Housing Hurricane… I don’t know what to say other than read this carefully, especially the part about the banks… here’s a teaser on the home builders…(can it get more insane???) There’s no light at the end of the tunnel yet. We’re still supporting builders through misguided […]

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UPDATE: Links fixed My good friend Dan Hachey does a lot of reading and is kind enough to circulate those articles he finds interesting. I will be posting his contributions as they arrive. Enjoy! Next stage of the financial crisis? I guess the previous story is an eerie intro to the following video clip. I […]

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