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Research In Motion playing catch up

Keep your powder dry and remember the best time to buy a stock is when it has established an uptrend. Anticipating a bottom could see you finding new lows with your money.

Get Your Piece Of The Pie!

Dear Lou As a regular listener I do not miss your 06:50 segment on the Oakley Show! Today (January 5th) you suggested that business people must dial themselves into the government’s latest initiatives to stimulate the economy. My wife’s company may very well qualify for some support from the government and therefore I am willing […]

Bailout Bigger than S&L Crisis

Hi Lou I really look forward to your reports on AM640 Is the possible US Government financial bailout much more serious than the one that took place during the saving and loans crisis? If so why? Looking forward to your comments. Regards Paul Hi Paul, To my thinking the Resolution Trust Corp was handed damaged […]

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