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HudBay has more downside potential

I agree with you that HBM has potential as a short but make sure to take some target practice before you strap on the six gun and head out to the gun fight.

The clock never stops

One advantage of a warrant is that they offer investors leverage. You can own the right to purchase a share at a fraction of the cost of actually buying it.

Have Faith In Yourself

If the markets were unrealistically high last fall before they crashed and everything was over inflated, then why are they going up so fast again?

Investor Know Thyself

Before you make any decisions on where to investment your nest egg ask yourself are you prepared to take on greater risk for potential greater reward.

When In Doubt Go To Cash

  Hi Lou, Do you have any comment on Enervest Diversified Income Fund? I bought it in 2001 and it has performed well for me in terms of distributions, but it has cut its distribution, its share price has fallen, and management has changed. I’m wondering if it’s worth holding onto it to see if […]

Lock In Your Profits = Stop Loss

Dan from Sudbury writes about San Gold: The chart on this stock looks pretty good.Where should I have my stop loss on this stock. Hi Dan, We should be looking at the use of stops as a decision that will depend on the volatility of the stock. A stock that has a wider range of […]

Warning Scott You Are Hunting In A High Risk Environment

Hi Lou, I always tune in to hear you on 640! Keep up the good work.  I’d like your thoughts on US:SLAT.  With the transitions to cell powered vehicles in the near future, does this look like a good buy now? There have been some positive movements in their development, but I’d like your trained eye […]

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