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For youth entrepreneurs

Hello My Friends, I wanted to share this resource with those of you who have a young entrepreneur under wing: “As part of Impact culture, we are always striving to improve/expand the reach of our programs one step further from the previous year. We plan to do this with the likes of our new programs Global Youth Entrepreneurship Congress, Connect Ontario, and the I am my Ambition Campaign, while still building on our flagship initiatives the Impact National Conference and Impact Connect.”

Love Money

Hi Lou, I’m so glad that you have this website and forum. Very educational. I listen to you on 640 am in the mornings also. I have a question, that perhaps other entrepreneurs out there looking for an answer to. If you are trying to launch a business, where do you go for start-up capital? […]

Advice To Young People Aspiring To Become Business Owners

Hi Lou My son comes from a long line of self taught entrepreneurs. He is currently in grade 10. He is determined to become a business owner. I would like him to enroll in a business program that will give him the most exposure to his goal.  We were considering area Universities but have been […]

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