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Student Transportation Inc. may have to wait for the next bus

I am not sure that now is the best time to be buying STB. The company is set to report its Q3 results on May 11, 2011 which is an event that can cut both ways.

Get paid to ride

Given the generous dividend, in addition to an unbroken uptrend and a golden cross STB is providing ample evidence of a stock that has more to give.

The Mark Is In Play

The bulk of the resources we spend as a society for law enforcement is spent chasing the same bad actors day in and day out.

Exchange Traded Funds

Hello Lou, I am interested in trading sectors as opposed to individual stock, where would I find these symbols and on what exchange. Thank you in advance Tino Hi Tino, A good  way to invest in a sector of the economy that you think will outperform the broad index or other individual sectors is through the […]

Recruiting Members of Your Team

Hi Lou, I listen to your commentary daily on the radio.  I am interested in hiring a financial planner, but am reluctant to discuss anything with anyone.  How does a person with a net worth of say 250k – 1000k go about selecting a financial planner? How much should they expect to pay for financial […]

Building Better Humans

Deb  from London writes about study/test taking tips: Hi Lou,I am a regular listener on AM 980.  This morning I heard you say you have tips and suggestions regarding study skills, test taking and more for students. I am very interested in any guidance you can provide. I have a high school student going back […]

Where Lost Money Goes

John from Brampton, Ontario writes about what “losing money” actually means: Hi Lou, I listen to your report with John Oakley at 6:55am and was wondering if you could answer the following silly question for me and others like me: When you say that “GM lost $10billion”, what do you mean by “lost”?  How do […]

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