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American Airlines Group Inc. trading in a sideways pattern

Lower oil prices = higher price for AAL

Air Canada demands patience

The uptrend has been broken and the shares are trying to build support.

Transat A.T. Inc. has more to give

At this time the shares are overbought but there are no indications that the trend is about to reverse.

TransForce Inc. a buy

At this point all of the evidence presented suggests that TFI is a buy.

Titan International Inc. grappling with a downtrend

The six-month chart depicts the resistance along the 50-day moving average that has been in place since August.

Air Canada is overbought having run too far too fast

I would say that AC.B has run too far and too fast and will attract some profit taking.

Air Canada a case of capturing at least some of the available profits.

I wouldn’t be shooting this running horse but if I were sitting on a large position with a healthy profit I would be selling enough to get my adjusted cost down to zero.

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